Friday, December 24, 2010

The Essential Hotshot #1

Freestyle Komics will be releasing what is going to be called The Essential Hotshot #1. Basically this will be the Hotshot that they have always wanted to put out. The new book will feature some new art work from Mike Watson, some pages will be redrawn and some panels will be reworked, just like this hot new cover drawn by him. New Inks provided bu the newest talent at Studio 4 Hire Bernard Binder, who inked and colored this Cover for the book. Sanju R. Nivangune will be adding colors to the book and he is currently colorist on “Weekly Sparks” and has done colors for the covers of Lord of Abyss #2, and #3. You have not even heard the best part of this, this will be free. When you buy your copy of Hotshot #5 you will get the Essential Hotshot #1 for free. All this is to promote the coming of the double sized special edition Hotshot #5 the conclusion to “A Heroes Welcome” story arc. Find out why Hotshot was nominated “Best On-Going Indie Comic Series” with these great issues. Studio 4 Hire is doing a lot of work with FSK so stay tuned for more announcements

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vigilance Web Episode 15

Ren Mckinzie shows it all off handling the inks, lines and colors himself in this new Web Episode of Vigilance!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Vigilance Web Episode 13

The amazing Joel Jackson has finished his third week of Vigilance Online Comic in Manga Studios. We've been happy to have his participation in Vigilance. Joel is now passing the online comic on to Ren McKenzie who will take his turn to wow Freestyle Komics and all viewers.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey peoples got some great news. you've been acquainted with the new group, Heroes international, through vigilance. well now they're going to have their very own web comic. This will start in 2011! The return of Vigilance with a new group of heroes, Facing off with one of her old enemy's. The action heats up fast and keeps you wanting more. Not only will you be exposed to new characters and action in Freestyle Komics, but we have a new writer behind the scenes, J.Lynn. also new talented artists every week who will be doing the comic. So be ready to enjoy an awesome story with awesome art work.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vigilance Online Comes to Studio 4 Hire

Our sister Studio Freestyle Komics is allowing us the pleasure to show case there new action packed online komic Vigilance. Premiering In January 2011. This will be kicking off our web comic series from all the studios that we work for.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Vigilance Episodes

Heroes International Online Comic

You got a few weeks with Heroes International in Vigilance online but get ready for Them to star in there very own web comic in 2011. This will be a launching ground for all types of newness in the Freestyle Komics Universe.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crossover between Freestyle Komics and Red Handed Studios

Promotional Art for Dynagirl/Hotshot Cross Over

We are so happy to announce our first official cross over between Red handed Studios and Freestyle Komics. Cary Kelly and I are very excited to bring you this action packed story. The writing/plotting/dialogue talents go to Cary Kelly, J.Lynn, Mike Watson. Art will be handled by Mike Watson, Jeriel Burton, and Heather Breckel, Mutant Cactus on letters and post work

This is the one shot adventure of Dynagirl/Hotshot taking place in Hotshot 7. There is explosions, dragons, alternate realities, samurai, F4U war planes, people getting punched in the face, and so much more.

Special event deserves special treatment, wrap around cover coming for this issue and it will be a more than 22 pages.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Vigilance Episodes

Check it all done by the fabulous Joel Jackson

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Vigilance episodes

After a pause in the action Vigilance returns and we will be releasing an episode twice week til the season finale. This is the end of David Brame's fantastic run taking over the next three episodes will be Joel Jackson after that the return of Ren Mckinzie and closing the season will be Robert Gant

Apologizes for the delay but sit back and enjoy the ride as we dive deeper into the world of Vigilance

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vigilance Episode 6

*click on image to see a larger version*

New Episode from Vigilance

Here is the 6th web komic from Freestyle Komics. Vigilance being featured in her own series check it out weekly every other Wednesday. This is season 1 from FSK's powerhouse female character. This weeks episode is brought to you by

Script/writer- Curtis Williams

Co-writing- Mike Watson

Lines- Mike Harris

Inks- Mike Harris

Colors- Heather Brekel

Letters- Curtis Williams

The creative teams will switch up every so often so a new flavor and depiction of Vigilance will be brought to you. We at FSK hope you enjoy this and come to check it out each week.

Just for a side note all these people work for Studio 4 Hire

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hotshot needs Writer

Well we will be completing our very first story arc in Hotshot very soon. We at FSK are very happy. The sad news is that Victor Dandridge is moving on in his comic creating career. We love what Vic brought to Freestyle and Hotshot and he will be missed but we do wish him good luck in all his future endeavors.

We still have great things planned for Hotshot but we are looking for a new writer to take the helm. Are any of you up for the challenge. Please email Mike Watson at

Your work will be seen if you are selected to write for Hotshot,so their is plenty of chance for exposure and to get seen. hotshot has great reviews and in several stores. This book is all about exposure and getting a really great story to a great fan base.

Monday, August 2, 2010

So Freestyle Komics has made it into two of the final nominations for Champion City Con 2010. This is the second year for the Champion City Con in Springfield Ohio. It was great last year and will be ten times better this year.
Not only did we make final nominations but We also bagged their logo contest and snagged the official cover rights to the flier for the con.

We will be in the Best Ongoing Indie Comic Series and Best Indie Artist categories. We at FSK are honored to be recognized with such a cast of amazing talent and wish everyone good luck.

Best On-Going Indie Comic Series:
Mr. Jigsaw-Ron Fortier/Gary Kato
Hot Shot-Free Style Komics
Ringtail Cafe'-Ringtail Cafe'

Best Trade Paperback/Graphic Novel/Collected Edition:
Daughter of Dracula-Ron Fortier/Rob Davis
The Legacy-Andy McGinn
Return to Point Pleasant-Chad Lambert

Best Indie Limited Series/One-Shot:
Lackluster World-Eric Adams
Fallen Justice-Cary Kelley/Harold Edge
No Gods-Dustin Carson

Best Indie Publisher:
Ringtail Cafe'-Ringtail Cafe'
Gen-Eric-Lackluster World
Red Handed Studios-Fallen Justice

Best Indie Writer:
Andy McGinn-The Legacy
Chad Lambert-Return to Point Pleasant
Eric Adams-Lackluster World

Best Indie Artist:
Mike Watson-Hot Shot
Jackie Hernandez-Ringtail Cafe'
Scott D.M. Simmons-The Wannabez

Best Original Concept/Story Idea:
Daughter of Dracula-Ron Fortier
No Gods-Dustin Carson
The Faustians-Dave Arhar/Penny Dreadful Press

Best Anthology:
Cliffhangers-Studio Akumakaze
Gothic Romance-Penny Dreadful Press
Tales From The 'Field-Twilight Star Studios

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vigilance Episode 5

* click on image for bigger version*

Here is the 5th web komic from Freestyle Komics. Vigilance being featured in her own series check it out weekly every other Wednesday. This is season 1 from FSK's powerhouse female character. This weeks episode is brought to you by

Based on Plot by- Victor Dandridge

Script/writer- Curtis Williams

Lines/co writing- Mike Watson

Inks- Amit Ghadge

Colors- Heather Brekel

Letters- Curtis Williams

Here is the bonus episode of Vigilance that FSK promised. Hope you enjoy. We go to an every other Wednesday release after today's episode.

This creative team has finished there run and we hoped you enjoyed it as much as we have at FSK. Next up will be Michael Harris on Lines and Inks w/ Heather Brekel on the Colors. This is a three week run for them and I am sure you are gonna love it.

We at FSK would like to thank the first art team on the bang up job they did for the first 5 episodes.

The creative teams will switch up every so often so a new flavor and depiction of Vigilance will be brought to you. We at FSK hope you enjoy this and come to check it out each week.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vigilance Episode 4

*click on image to make larger*

After all the delay Here is the fourth web komic from Freestyle Komics. Vigilance being featured in her own series check it out weekly www.[link] and at every Saturday. This is season 1 from FSK's powerhouse female character. This weeks episode is brought to you by

Based on Plot by- Victor Dandridge

Script- Curtis Williams

Lines- Mike Watson

Inks- Amit Ghadge

Colors- Ren McKinzie

Letters- Curtis Williams

We will be releasing another episode later this week, so stay tuned.

This will be the team for the first 4 episodes of Vigilance, the creative teams will switch up every so often so a new flavor and depiction of Vigilance will be brought to you. We at FSK hope you enjoy this and come to check it out each week.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


FSK would like to send our apologies for all the lateness in Vigilance. All I can say though, is that life comes at you fast. No, I’m not promoting Allstate, I really have felt that these last couple of weeks. Vigilance will be returning next Wednesday for sure, on time, after that as well. When Vigilance makes her return, we will release a bonus strip along with the one. The crew we have on these pages are phenomenal, and have severely stepped up to bring you guys an awesome story, I hope you will be there with us when Vigilance returns. I know I will.

Done By Olivia Suitor

Here Comes Heroes International

Heroes International is a team of superheros who all are different from one another. You have:
AD Lib, who can build an explosion from her surroundings, nut isn't always in control of them.
There's Crag, who is the ultimate go-green man. He is able to bound with natural minerals. His entire body becomes that mineral.
Hue-Man, uses colors to his advantage. As his eyes change color, so does his powers. He has strength & aggression, caution & speed, and tranquility & telepathic suppression.
Ironsmith is probably the coolest nerd I know of. She is super intelligent. She is a master of inventions, which comes with the plus of the most amazing, sophisticated, weapons for herself.
Nimbus is your basic dude, with super light feet. He is faster than a freight train, with lightning speeds.
SoundBite is our Masked Woman. She absorbs sound based on vibrations and when she releases the kinetic energy, it usually results in explosion.
Spyware is your Head of Geek Squad right there- except with a WAY more elaborate knack for technology. We have recently named him a techno-path, for his ability to "communicate" with world wide technology.
Talisman is the shaman of Heroes International. He has super strength, speed, flight and he also has sorcery powers.
Zenith is our wonder boy. Each human capability has been maxed out in his body, allowing him super speed, strength and stamina.
Last but certainly not least, would be our leader, Vigilance. We have seen her briefly in Hotshot from Freestyle Komics. She is the strongest recorded being on the planet. Super fast, super durable, and has the ability to feel people's pain. She uses that capability to locate others in need, and channels their pain for strength. She is basically FSK's power house.
All these super heroes came together to help their community and world, but also to fit in with each other. They fill in one another's blanks, and when combined, are one of the strongest teams there is.
Here's Heroes International

Done By Olivia Suitor

Elite Force Is Here

Elite Force is the team ran by the government. Although they didn't come together on their own, they are definitely a team.
Titan: "I don't believe in stereotypes, I believe in you."
Vocal: "One way, or another, they all succumb to my will."
Force: "So who's gonna be next to get knocked the -beep- out?"
Volt: "I am a force of nature."
Seismic: "I was knocked around a lot back in the day, but look who's knocking now!"
Discharge, as leader of the team, and a mastermind at tactical war, a genius, and only 17 to boot. "I do what must be done when needed."
Impact, Second in command: "Once you're in my sight, you're over."
This is all we know so far of the Elite Force. So be sure to follow up!

Done By Olivia Suitor

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FSK Updates

IndyPlanet URL:
ComicsMonkey URL:

Hotshot is now available online at Indyplanet and ComicsMonkey. You can purchase issues 0-4 at these websites now. We are making this move to make our komics at FSK more available to the world. This will allow for faster shipping. We have been wanting to make this move for a while now and have finally completed the task. We will still be using our local printer to run prints for conventions and local events. WE want our komics in your local komic shops and we feel this is the best way to make that happen. This also allows us more time to focus on making the komics and getting them to you all so you can enjoy them.

So if you have been wondering what the hub bub has been about, now is your chance to get the book and find out.

Also in FSK news, Emerald Quest #1 will be released at the end of Summer. Featuring two covers.

Expect Hotshot 5 to be out in October 2010.

Vigilance the online Komic makes it return June 30 2010 and will be release every other week.

We have established new characters at FSK and you should check them out over at our
Deviant art page Freestyle Komics

So we are keepin it toasty at FSK for all of you so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wrap Around Cover for Hotshot 5

So with issue 4 now going to print and looking at the next issues cover I decided it was lame and it needed to be injected with some new life. Inspired by the ever talented(it grows with every damn issue) Ryan Ottley. I feel ever issue of Invincible that comes out I need to go that much harder on Hotshot. Plus I felt a bolt of creative juices when my baby girl Logan was born. The inks are soon to come from Jeriel Burton the current Inker for Hotshot and I know Mr.Ryan Carter is gonna wanna color this so there is no need to say he will be on the colors.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Freestyle Komics Roster gets bigger

Check out the new characters coming from Freestyle Komics

Heroes International
Elite Force
Emerald Quest

Vigilance Weekly Komic Update

Just wanted to apologize and explain where Vigilance has been. We will be moving the Vigilance Komic to every other Wednesday starting June 30th 2010. I had a baby this past week, and little Logan has kept me distracted=). I have been back online with all the artist and moved some around and we will be hitting you all with the heat at the end of the month. I appreciate your patience and we promise you will like what we comes with next.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vigilance Episode 3

**Click on Image to see larger version**

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vigilance Episode 2

** Click image to see the larger Version **

Saturday, May 15, 2010



Here is the very first web komic from Freestyle Komics. Vigilance being featured in her own series check it out weekly www. and at every Saturday. This is season 1 from FSK's powerhouse. This weeks episode is brought to you by

Plot- Victor Dandridge
Script- Curtis Williams
Lines- Mike Watson
Inks- Jeriel Burton
Colors- Ren McKinzie
Letters- Curtis Williams
Post Production- Mutant Cactus

This will be the team for the first 4 episodes of Vigilance, the creative teams will switch up every so often so a new flavor and depiction of Vigilance will be brought to you. We at FSK hope you enjoy this and come to check it out each week.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mutant Cactus Attacks

Freestyle Komics designs one of the Logos for Champion City Comic Con and then Mutant Cactus serves it up as a Button.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Komic Book Day

Ok everyone I know this is a bit late in the game but when idea hits you, you have to go with it. I will be at Dave's Clubhouse on Brice Rd in Columbus, Oh and at Packrat Comics 3872 Lattimer St Hilliard Oh 43026.

Download here FREE KOMIC DAY
If you download and print this free komic day page out. I will do a free sketch for you with some color thrown in to boot. Of any character you want. As long as I can look them up on google for reference,

Also if you come to Dave's early on int he Day I will have the Playstation 3 hooked up for Super Street Fighter 4. So you cannot beat that. Free komics, sketches and games to play.

Download here BRUSH EVENT

Later that evening will be the Freestyle Komics Gallery opening at Urban Spirit Cafe with the BRUSH Experience. This the second year that FSK was featured at the BRUSH and we are proud to be apart of Comic Me 2. Urban Spirit is located at 893 East long Street Columbus, OH. From 8pm to 1am. I will be there all night turning people into super heroes, Villains and showing the wonderful art of Freestyle Komics. If you bring in the Free Komic Day print or the Classic FSK page to the BRUSH Experience you will get a free pencil sketch. Saturday is chock full of events and I hope you can make it to all of them but if not all make it to one of them.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Champion City Komic Con Logo

So Freestyle Komics had the pleasure of redesigning the Champion City Con logo and Super Hero Mascots. This is the final Design that will be on all their promotions, fliers and posters. We are very happy with the end result, hope you all did it.

FSK and the BRUSH reunite

Mike Watson of Freestyle Komics will be at the BRUSH this Saturday. This also happens to be the opening night for the Gallery featuring Mike Watson and other members of FSK Komic Art. This gallery will be showing at Urban Spirit Cafe in Columbus Ohio.
The theme for the BRUSH this month is KOMICS so you all have got to be there

What Is BRUSH?
BRUSH is an interactive painting event that transforms everyone into an artist. Participants can grab a personal-sized canvas, acrylic paints and explore their imaginations while listening to live music. BRUSH lovers can also contribute to a large paint-by-numbers style canvas that creates different BRUSH themes. Past themes included Juneteenth, Blue Note, Comic Me, Comedy and Change among others. BRUSH members also believe in giving back and through the "Art of Giving" campaign, we collected and distributed donations during the holiday season to families in need. Now a year old, BRUSH events are located bi-monthly in the historic King-Lincoln district in Columbus, Ohio at the Urban Spirit Coffee Shop. Featured several times in The Columbus Dispatch, BRUSH is continuing to grow not only as a nightlife event, but a creative exercise that can be tailored to corporate functions, fundraisers and community events.
Who Loves BRUSH?
People who have something to say and look to express themselves in artistic ways gravitate toward BRUSH because there is nothing like it. Many of us can’t find ways to be creative with our busy schedules, and are surprised by how a little paint can go a long way to relax their mind. Many members of the community and professionals love attending BRUSH to unwind and enjoy themselves in a nightlife atmosphere in a totally unique way. Music lovers enjoy the innovative “Jazz-Hop” sound of The Liquid Crystal Project and other live bands that can inspire personal works of art. Anyone who loves to explore their creativity, will join the ranks of BRUSH lovers!
Art is everywhere. When you see a billboard on the highway, an artist created that. Spritz some perfume on your wrist for a night on the town, and an artist conceptualized the bottle. Even radio jingles were created by an artist. BRUSH wants to encourage the inner artist in all of us, by allowing us to do something we probably haven’t done since preschool: paint.
Studies show that painting can be a stress reliever, morale booster and can encourage team building. Many doctors and therapist now agree that art can relieve anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and other social and emotional difficulties. Just the act of creating something tangible heightens self-esteem and self-awareness. Happy, relaxed and confident people make for happy, relaxed and aware employees, group members and associates! The American Art Therapy Association says:
Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase awareness of self and others, cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences; enhance cognitive abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art. (
Where Can BRUSH Go?
We bring BRUSH to you! BRUSH is a pack and go operation so bring along canvases, paints, murals, live music, marketing materials, set up and tear down helpers and refreshments, all you provide is the space! Packages are for groups of 20 or less, 20 to 50 people, 50 plus people and nightlife events. BRUSH can bring creativity anywhere, including:
· Small/large conferences
· Team building employee exercises
· Unique networking events
· Luncheons & employee incentive events
· Nursing homes or hospital
· Churches
· Daycares and educational events
· Community events &more!
To book BRUSH for your next function, contact Marshall Shorts of ARTfluential for our special pricing options at
The BRUSH Experience Comic Me II
Saturday, May 1
Urban Spirit Method Gallery
803 E. Long Street
Have You Ever Wanted Be a Super Hero or Imagined Having a Super Power?
Maybe You Wanted To Be a Character in Your Own Comic Book...
Well Now Is Your Chance!!!
Come out for a night of Fun and action...
you be the artist and the hero this night!!
We will be featuring local comic book artists FreeStyle Komics!!!
Live Music + Live Art + Connecting = Not Your Ordinary Night
Meet Friends.Make Art.Love Life.
With Live Music + Special Guest Performances
Art by YOU
Before 9PM admission is $5 and receive a free Canvas to produce your own personal MASTERPIECE!
After 9PM admission is $10 with your choice of a non-alcoholic beverage or canvas
Check out photos from BRUSH!

Free Desktops from FSK

Freestyle Komics is now providing free desktops to all you lovers of komics. We are promoting the newness we have coming out in May 2010 and our new deviant art page. So we have 4 ultra sweet desktops for you all o enjoy on your Mac,PC,PSP,PS3, or 360. All you have to do is visit our Freestyle-Komics deviant art page have a look around art then download your favorite one. there will be more so stay tuned. When you have the one that you like all you have to do is click on the image for a bigger look. Then right click on the image, select save as and you have your very own FSK wall paper. the gallery for the wall papers is here in the Freestyle Komics Desktop Gallery

A shot from the highly anticipated Hotshot issue 4 brought to you by Victor Dandridge, Mike Watson, Jeriel Burton, Brian Latimer, and Ryan Carter,
coming in May 2010


Vigilance in her first online web komic. You will get to see action, drama, and mystery in her first season at
Starting in May 2010

New art from 1pez on Deviant art n celebration of new talent coming to the FSK stable. More to come soon