Thursday, February 24, 2011

In the Loop gets Worked and Meets a Landlord

Here is a preview of our second episode for "In the Loop" We go big with Jermaine Jenkins CEO of JWORK Limited. We will be reviewing our first comic Genecy from InVision Comics. We will link up with Phaze Anon of Cleveland Ohio. Reviewing The Big Shooter KILLZONE 3 for Playstation 3 and talking long distance with Dre Fire in Las Vegas.

Killzone 3 is it as epic as it seems or does this next chapter fall flat.

Meet a home town hero, literally. Jermaine Jenkins who served over in Iraqi and now gone super soldier to Super Designer. Fresh off a a huge feature on MTV and a killer callabo shirt with Freestyle Komics. Time to show you what your city has to offer the world. catch his feature on MTV again tonight between7-10pm

Phaze Anon grinding for years finally getting the recognition he deserves as he shows there is more to Cleveland than bones, thugs and the cursed number 23.

We are tossing out a throwback favorite with IP Man the mentor of Bruce Lee kicking people in the face and playing yo'chest like a set of Drums

Dre Fire calls in long distance as he is in Las Vegas opening up for famed star Ray Jay.
Join us Sunday night Live on at 8pm and soon the video footage of our last show will be up for your viewing pleasure

Monday, February 21, 2011

JWORk + Freestyle Komics = MTVU

So JWORK Limited and Freestyle Komics did a team up for a exclusive T-shirt design inspired by Lupe Fiasco and his new album "LASERS". It was a very exciting experience. JWORK will be on FOX28 today at 8:30am and then on MTVU at noon on a show called "The Opening"
"The Opening" is a documentary that followed JWORK around Columbus, Ohio for a few days and JWORK showed off a bunch of exclusive designs including the premier of the Lupe Fiasco shirt. So Freestyle Komics will have a few moments on MTVU as well. So tune it the feature will also later be on MTV2 and MTV. So stay tuned to the tube and our site as we will post exclusive pics of the Lupe shirt

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ready to Join the Quest

Yes here it is the long awaiting debut of Emerald Quest. Created by Michael Watson, written by Ethan Murphy, Drawn and Inked by David Brame, Colored by Heather Breckel, and letters by Danny Cooper.
Join an epic journey of good versus evil as swords clash, lines are drawn, an the fate of shattered world will be hang in the balance.
This will be brought to you by Freestyle Komics and Mike W and David B will share the drawing duties as they switch off on issues. Stay tuned for updates

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are you In the Loop, cuz we are at FSK

Get ready for the first review show on WUGR.BIZ that will review Komics(from independent creators), Movies, Music(underground, rock, hip hop, R &B, etc), Video Games, and whats new in those industries. Its called “In the Loop” It is sponsored by us at Studio 4 Hire and Freestyle Komics.

Find out if your “In the Loop” with the latest reviews on Comics, Movies, Video games and Music as 5000Watts, Dre Fire and Kay-Scholar voice there opinions to ensure that your In the Loop

Introducing “In the Loop” a review show for the everyday man and woman. We will talk and review the latest in video games, comics, movies and music. Your reviewers will be comic creator/artist of of Hotshot Michael Watson. Dre Fire from the Hip Hop world with amazing rhymes and great knowledge in the hip hop community. Kim Tran representing Thee Ohio State giving us not only the female perspective but representing the college student body. The show will be on on Sundays at 8pm-9pm. You the people need to hear honest opinions about what is out there, from people that love what they do and love the craft that they are in.
Mike Watson artist of Freestyle Komic’s Hotshot, Emerald Quest and Studio 4 Hire. I have been doing comics for over 10 years and am the Editor and Chief of Freestyle Komics and Studio 4 Hire. Hard core video game fanatic and graduate of the Columbus college of Art and Design I have been trained in art,design, concept theory and idea.
Dre Fire local Hip hop artist from columbus ohio and I been rapping professionally for 4 years. I have done shows with Cassidy, Bizzy Bone, Twista, Slick Rick, MC Lyte, Ray Jay and many more. I have a thorough knowledge of not just hip hop but music in general and have a great love for movies, video games and comics.
Kay-Scholar dropping knowledge from the college grounds of Ohio State University. Follow us on and find our group on facebook , ,

First Guest Jayonna “JFAB” Fabro from “Fly and Fabulous”; she will toss in her opinion on the shows topics, talk about what she has going on, we will review Marvel Versus Capcom 3, P.Diddy and 900 trillion dollar poker chips, all the latest on summer comic movies, Dre Fire’s Minute of Fire and so much more tune in and enjoy. Check out Jayonna on

Hotshot and DynaGirl Cross Over

Check out the cross-over cover for issue 7 of Hotshot featuring DynaGirl and Hotshot.

New Comics For Freestyle Komics

Well while it may seems that Freestyle Komics has been dormant we have not. We have been busy at work on several new titles and the completion of old one that we will start releasing in March of 2011.

We will be at Chicago C2E2, this is our first time at the convention. We will be there with Studio 4 Hire, and Red Handed Studios.

Get your first look at the Hotshot and Dynagirl Crossover
Hotshot 5 will be in the building along with Emerald Quest #1

Freestyle Komics is proud to announce that we will not be carrying Til' Death and Sweet Lullaby. these books are being produced by our sister studio Studio 4 Hire and Sweet Lullaby was Created by Alex Sherkenback and Til Death was created by the Sherkenback Brothers. We are so happy to be joining forces on these two titles because they are trully wonderful books. Also coming out to will be Elite Force

We will be finishing off the Vigilance Season 1 and bringing Vigilance Season 2. Also premiering Heroes International, Mike is Hotshot, EHD: Black Opts.

The ongoing adventures of Hotshot will continue with our new writer J'Lynn who takes over with issue 7 where she joins forces with Cary Kelly.

Want to know what the Zero Event is find out in issue 8 of Hotshot.

So we are going big and here are some pics of our two newest titles

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

cool art work

bringin back some of the beginning promo art of Vigilance. about a superhero coming out of retirement to help fight crime once again.

Friday, February 4, 2011

FSK meets WOrld of Black Heroes

Vigilance and Hotshot are on World of Black Heroes. You can click the names to see how wonderfully awesome they look on the site and check on Facebook.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hotshot Cover Guy Lemay

Beautiful promo-art by Guy Lemay. The style is simple, but he beefs it up with his inks, colors and great use of composition. I really enjoy the bright orange gradient for the background against the cool-colored Hotshot!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

this is the new hotshot cover by Kory Hubbell