Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here Comes Heroes International

Heroes International is a team of superheros who all are different from one another. You have:
AD Lib, who can build an explosion from her surroundings, nut isn't always in control of them.
There's Crag, who is the ultimate go-green man. He is able to bound with natural minerals. His entire body becomes that mineral.
Hue-Man, uses colors to his advantage. As his eyes change color, so does his powers. He has strength & aggression, caution & speed, and tranquility & telepathic suppression.
Ironsmith is probably the coolest nerd I know of. She is super intelligent. She is a master of inventions, which comes with the plus of the most amazing, sophisticated, weapons for herself.
Nimbus is your basic dude, with super light feet. He is faster than a freight train, with lightning speeds.
SoundBite is our Masked Woman. She absorbs sound based on vibrations and when she releases the kinetic energy, it usually results in explosion.
Spyware is your Head of Geek Squad right there- except with a WAY more elaborate knack for technology. We have recently named him a techno-path, for his ability to "communicate" with world wide technology.
Talisman is the shaman of Heroes International. He has super strength, speed, flight and he also has sorcery powers.
Zenith is our wonder boy. Each human capability has been maxed out in his body, allowing him super speed, strength and stamina.
Last but certainly not least, would be our leader, Vigilance. We have seen her briefly in Hotshot from Freestyle Komics. She is the strongest recorded being on the planet. Super fast, super durable, and has the ability to feel people's pain. She uses that capability to locate others in need, and channels their pain for strength. She is basically FSK's power house.
All these super heroes came together to help their community and world, but also to fit in with each other. They fill in one another's blanks, and when combined, are one of the strongest teams there is.
Here's Heroes International

Done By Olivia Suitor

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