Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elite Force Is Here

Elite Force is the team ran by the government. Although they didn't come together on their own, they are definitely a team.
Titan: "I don't believe in stereotypes, I believe in you."
Vocal: "One way, or another, they all succumb to my will."
Force: "So who's gonna be next to get knocked the -beep- out?"
Volt: "I am a force of nature."
Seismic: "I was knocked around a lot back in the day, but look who's knocking now!"
Discharge, as leader of the team, and a mastermind at tactical war, a genius, and only 17 to boot. "I do what must be done when needed."
Impact, Second in command: "Once you're in my sight, you're over."
This is all we know so far of the Elite Force. So be sure to follow up!

Done By Olivia Suitor

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