Monday, August 2, 2010

So Freestyle Komics has made it into two of the final nominations for Champion City Con 2010. This is the second year for the Champion City Con in Springfield Ohio. It was great last year and will be ten times better this year.
Not only did we make final nominations but We also bagged their logo contest and snagged the official cover rights to the flier for the con.

We will be in the Best Ongoing Indie Comic Series and Best Indie Artist categories. We at FSK are honored to be recognized with such a cast of amazing talent and wish everyone good luck.

Best On-Going Indie Comic Series:
Mr. Jigsaw-Ron Fortier/Gary Kato
Hot Shot-Free Style Komics
Ringtail Cafe'-Ringtail Cafe'

Best Trade Paperback/Graphic Novel/Collected Edition:
Daughter of Dracula-Ron Fortier/Rob Davis
The Legacy-Andy McGinn
Return to Point Pleasant-Chad Lambert

Best Indie Limited Series/One-Shot:
Lackluster World-Eric Adams
Fallen Justice-Cary Kelley/Harold Edge
No Gods-Dustin Carson

Best Indie Publisher:
Ringtail Cafe'-Ringtail Cafe'
Gen-Eric-Lackluster World
Red Handed Studios-Fallen Justice

Best Indie Writer:
Andy McGinn-The Legacy
Chad Lambert-Return to Point Pleasant
Eric Adams-Lackluster World

Best Indie Artist:
Mike Watson-Hot Shot
Jackie Hernandez-Ringtail Cafe'
Scott D.M. Simmons-The Wannabez

Best Original Concept/Story Idea:
Daughter of Dracula-Ron Fortier
No Gods-Dustin Carson
The Faustians-Dave Arhar/Penny Dreadful Press

Best Anthology:
Cliffhangers-Studio Akumakaze
Gothic Romance-Penny Dreadful Press
Tales From The 'Field-Twilight Star Studios

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