Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yes, you have heard about it, and now you can be a part of it! Freestyle Komics and Studio 4 Hire are joining forces to create a killer internship program. It's a two step process. You will start at the base with Freestyle Komics, learning about the creation and business side of comics as well as producing work to be published.

Not into comics? That's fine! There is plenty for you to do! Such as graphic design, logos, graphic tees, working on the brand of FSK and so much more! If you can handle the work load at FSK and want to stay on board, we can move you up to Studio 4 Hire where you can get paid work.

Freestyle Komics has been featured on MTV and has had great reviews in the independent market. We are currently producing 3 series, 4 web comics, a clothing line, and music. We are definitely looking for art teams to help produce our titles. You will be a published artist, which goes a long way in the art field. This will get you the experience to feel what it's like in the freelance world as well as gain experience with the business side of things.

At Studio 4 Hire we are currently working on 25 different comic titles and that number is growing. This is where you take what you learned from FSK and use it to master your new profession.

If you want to learn how to break into comics and the business, this is the place!

You may contact us in the following ways:
Mike Watson
(614) 264 5637 or

You don't have to be in Columbus, just contact us and let's make this happen!