Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hotshot the Remix #1

It is on sale Now, nuff said!

The Brush Experience and FSK

The Brush Experience is happening again and it is featuring the Art of Liquid Crystals and yes you guessed it Freestyle Komics. Hotshot The Remix will be on sale there get custom sketches and make your comic where your the hero or villain.

it will be at the Urban Spirit Gallery Loft on Long street. Click the link to get more detailed info or email FSK at

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It is in the works and it looks great. The official Hotshot comic trailer being produced by E.O.N. Productions It will premier soon so be on the look out. it will premier on the blog, and facebook. Also there will be the premier of the exclusive Versus pack from Mutant Cactus.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hotshot Fan Club has been created on Face book and you all should join he is the premier character at Freestyle Komics. He is a struggling college student attending CCAD. His life is hectic and he is always juggling between is jobs, being an RA, his girlfriend, and yes being a Superhero. Darkness is on the rise find out how he deals with all these things and if he will succeed in Hotshot #1 The Remix.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


You can now pay for comics, commissions, and subscriptions thru PAYPAL at

Hotshot #1 The Remix - $4.00
Hotshot #2 and Beyond*- $3.00
Subscription** for #o-6 - $15.00

* Meaning all regular issues of Hotshot, issues #2-6
** When you pay for the subscription be sure to email us at with name and address so it can be shipped to your home.

Commisions prices can be viewed at

Hotshot #1 The Remix

Yes it is coming and it looks great courtesy of Evolution Printing, here is some info to catch up on in regards to FSK. First off the Remix issue which is a relaunch of the Hotshot Series. We added some nice extras for you all to spice it up. First off the book features A brand new cover penciled/inked by Mike Watson with colors by Ren Mckinzie. The book is 36 pages while the comic pages are done in grey scales with just the pencils being the feature, the rest of the book is in color.There will be a pull out poster of what was meant to be the original cover to Hotshot. A blast from the past as we call it. The book also will have what we call The B Sides a section that is full of art work from concept designs to final pencils. There will be all types of cool extras for you all to enjoy the book goes on Sale at the end of March.

There will be a book signing at Dave's Club House on April 1 2009 and you should all come out and show your support get your copy of the book signed by the creator, artist and writer. There will be food, drinks. It will be a good time. You can also get commissions or sketches done at the event.

Premièring at the book Signing will be exclusive versus packs from Mutant Cactus of Hotshot versus Void. They look cool

The release schedule for the Hotshot goes as such....March- Hotshot Remix 1; May- Hotshot 2; July-Hotshot 3; August- Hotshot 0; September- Hotshot 4; November- Hotshot 5; January- Hotshot 6. As you can see the book will be out every other month. You will soon be able to order copies and get subscriptions through the paypal. That information will be posted shortly. If you need to you can pay for issues through money order contact FSK at

I think that's all we have right now f we need to add more we will thanks and come out April 1 2009=)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Action in the Lab

Action on Lethal Showdown Vol 2(LSV 2) has kicked into full gear. This is project that came from Freestyle Komics(FSK) & Blade's Edge Illustration (BEI). Vol 1 was released at last years Chicago Wizard Comic Con and was a instant hit. You can purchase Vol. 1 @ Dave's Clubhouse in Columbus Ohio. Or email us at Freestylekomics@gmail to request a order and pay thru paypal. You can view FSK's Lethal Showdown and Blade's Edge Illustrations Lethal Showdown at these links provided.
The next Vol will feature BEI's Monsta's and FSK's Monsta Hunters the cast for FSk' has been chosen from some of Mike Watson's friends and you will see a sneak peak on the blog soon. There will be characters based off of people we know and just totally new ideas we have been wanting to use but for right now here is a peak into the cast of models/friends used in LSV 2

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Artist to Artist

Hung out with Frank. He helped me get my Blog together. Thanks a lot Frank really appreciate it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Arena Con Day 2

Was a blast did a fun Marker Sketch for a Flash Fan and sold my entire Lethal Showdown Print Series to some pretty cool people. Thats a good feeling.....

Art Experience-Back in the  world

Back into the real world today. I have come outta the FSK LAb for the first time in a long time to socialize with other artist. It was pretty awesome. I was at the Arena Con, and The Brush Experience and It was cool being surrounded in that world of art again.  Did some sketches at the con people were very interested in the books I did have available. The Brush Experience was a chance to see more art network and just get myself back in the real world get outta my art cave. I enjoyed it a lot. I will be posting pics soon of todays events. Now for some updates received the colors for Hotshot 2 and I do have say they look pretty good Ryan Carter is doing great work. I will post some sneak peaks on here eventually after the release of Hotshot Remix 1. Volume 2  of Lethal Showdown has gone into full effect and the lovely ladies are looking HOT. We are raising the ante on this Volume Ren McKinzie is designing the Monsters and I am designing the Hunters( sexy vixens) You can purchase Volume 1 of Lethal Showdown at Dave's Clubhouse. We are getting a lotta work turned in to us and things are looking good for thee Hotshot. Being getting pages down for other books I am working on as well such as Zulu #2( you can get issue 1 at Dave's Clubhouse as well.) and Foxwood Falcons #3. SO stay tuned I will be posting work on y Deviant Art page as well as this Blog.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spittin' to Fly Union

So I have Redesigned some ads for The Remix edition of Hotshot #1. been getting some good feedback from them. Also the Sketchbook section of Hotshot the Remix has been dubbed Side B. So when you get through reading the remix you can flip it over to Side B and enjoy the sketch work and some sneak peaks. I will have to add Phil Carter has come up with some really nice designs for Side B. Vic D is finishing up things on The Remix and they are looking good. The Remix is scheduled for the end of the month and there will be a book signing at Dave's Clubhouse  with food and drinks, will keep you posted on that. Will be at the Arena Con this weekend doing commissions, selling some art and taking all request. the Arena Con will be in the Arena Grand Movie theatre so please stop by and check out Freestyle Komics. There may be some goodies for you if you come see The Watchmen and get some art. If you want you can request commissions early here at the company email or hit me up at  so as soon as you get there your request will be done or half way there. Check out Fly Union they are a Hip Hop group in Columbus, Oh, they are great and who I am currently listening too. I will be adding loads more stuff to this blog once the books start coming out be patient the goodness is coming. I think that is it for updates thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Progress Report on Hotshot

So here is an update as of what is going on at the FSK Bull Pen! Victor Dandridge the writer of Hotshot aka WizWorld Inc on Deviant art is finishing up the grey scales for Hotshot 1 The remix. Phi; carter is putting out some amazing design work for the Sketch book section of the Remix.  Ryan Carter who is also on Deviant art as rcarter is working hard on the colors for issue 2 of Hotshot. Matt Keltner is putting out some very solid inks on issue zero of Hotshot. Ren  Mckinzie aka Darkness33 featured artist on Deviant Art is now penciling a 10 page mini story to be featured in Hotshot 0 in collaboration with the 15 page mini I did.  Stay tuned for further updates as they come....