Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Interview From Champion City Comic Con

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Interview form Wizard World Chicago

fast forward about an hour and 50 minutes to see FSK interview

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Freestyle Komics at Mid Ohio Con

October 3-4 in Columbus, Ohio at the Convention Center Downtown

At Mid Ohio Comic Con there will be several events and giveaways going on at the Freestyle Komics table. There will be Scavenger Hunts going on through out the day. Our epic Sketch Battles, Raffle ticket giveaways. The premier of Hotshot issue 0 with variant cover. Our friends at Mutant Cactus will also be releasing two new exclusive buttons at the con, Hotshot in his first costume and Vigilance. As always doing commissions, selling comics and prints

Where the winner will receive the Comic Fan Goodie bag.
In that bag will be Hotshot #0-3, Hotshot Music CD, $10.00 gift Certificate to Dave's Clubhouse, $10.00 Gift Card to Chipotle, Blackest Night Button Set/ Tales of Awesome #1 from Mutant Cactus, Custom Print from Blades Edge Illustration, Music Cd from Jamil Studios, A 24 x 36 inch Full color Poster from FSK Studio, and 4 free Season pass tickets to the Columbus Crush from The Columbus Crush.

There will be an Independent Publisher Give Away through raffle tickets. In this pack you will get: 5 color copies of your comic printed for free by Evolution Printing. 100 free Business Cards for free from Evo, Get your Comic Book Title Font and Logo Designed for free by Soulo Theory, Get a Cover from Lines to Colors done by Freestyle Komics, 24 by 36 inch Full Color Poster of your art work from Evolution Printing, and 10 prints at 11 by 17 size of your art from Evo If you are in Artist Alley and you have a table you get a ticket for free.

The join us at Freestyle Komics, we will be doing portfolio reviews and we are looking for Pencilers, Inkers and Colorist. Or maybe you want to have your book under the Freestyle Komics brand, stop by our table and lets talk.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We like these Guys you should too

Check our friends out Mutant Cactus and Blades Edge Illustration at Mid Ohio Con.

Here at Mutant Cactus we are really excited because we will be debuting our official Mutant Cactus Comics line with our launch title, Tales of Awesome, at this year's Mid-Ohio-Con for a super affordable price tag of ONLY $3. With the assistance of Packrat Comics we will also be giving away a free variant cover copy of ToA #1 to all VIP guests. At its core ToA is an old school Pulp Anthology Comic that I think people will love and is going to be a lot of fun! ToA #1, Primary Directive, debuts the classic story telling style of Derek Watson with the incredible debut art of Robert Gant. Please check out our 6 page preview and let us know what you think!

FSK- We have seen the new issue and had the privilege to watch it from start to finish. You have got to pick up your copies of this book. Its hot.

Ren McKinzie will be there and is going to there selling prints(PHENOMENAL) and he is also an artist on Hotshot 0. He has work with FSK Studios before on the Lethal Showdown Project Vol 1 and 2. Which will be in attendance.

We will be there with a strong showing from us so I hope you are ready.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Independant Thinking FSK

"Independant Thinking" panel hosted by Frank Raynor with Dustin Carson, Dave Arhar, Chad Lambert, Victor Dandridge, and Mike Watts(Watson). This is the first panel that we ever got to participate in and we loved it so much. Thank you to Bill and Champion City Comic Con for allowing the honor of being on stage with so many great creators. Check out Underground Video Network they are AWESOME people.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love from Comic Related
Road trip home conversation. the review of FSK starts on the 34rth minute. FSK's first Panel Discussion. Holding down Vic and Mike.

Hotshot Issue 0 Preview

Hotshot#0 was viewed by the public at Champion City Hero Con and it was received well. We are going to let you get a 5 page sneak peek at the 24 page issue. There are two stories being featured in this issue. Story by Mike Watson and Victor Dandridge. Lines by Mike Watson, Ren Mckinzie and Joe Buco. Inks by Matt Keltner and Marc Vuletich, Colors all by the Marvelous Ryan Carter. There will be a exclusive Black and White cover for Mid Ohio Con in October. The only place to get it will be there. So again as always let us know what you think and what we can do to improve. OH YEA CHAMPION CITY HERO CON WAS MARVELOUSLY AMAZING you all need to sign up now for next year. Thank you Comic Related for all the kind words, insight and coverage as always your awesome. Raichal Gladman YOU ROCK, cannot wait to see the review up and posted.

Click the Link below to check the preview on

Hotshot 0

New Interview From Champion City Comic Con