Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Free Komic Book Day

What happens when you combine "In the Loop", Freestyle Komics, Studio 4 Hire, WUGR.Biz, Jayonna Fabro, and Dre Fire. The best Friggin' Free Komic Book Day event ever!!!

May 7th 2011 Freestyle Komics is taking over Free Comic Book Day at Dave’s Clubhouse!

Come out and celebrate with us in style.

• We’ll be hosting a Marvel vs. Capcom Tournament with your chance at winning a cool prize.

• FSK will be holding sketch battles for charity by Freestyle Komics up and coming artist.

• Raffling off prizes all day

• Special guest appearances by Freestyle Komics new web comic heroes J-FAB and Dre Fire in person

• Live music by Phase Anon performing music inspired by Hotshot and tracks off his newest Album.

So make plans now to come out and celebrate Free Comic Book Day the Freestyle Komics way!!!

And what would Free Comic Book Day be without…FREE COMICS!!!!!!

Pick up your copies of:

Essential Hotshot #1

The Essential Hotshot #1. Due to popular demand Hotshot 1 has been remastered for free komic book day to celebrate FSK's first appearance in FKBD and the 1 year anniversary of Studio 4 Hire. Mike Watson has redrawn pages for this passing inking duties to Bernard Binder, Alex Miller, and Alexander Diochon. The the colors are punched to life by Sanju Nivangune and Alexander Diochon. If you are a Hotshot fan this is the issue for you to complete your collection of the smash hit first story arc with previews of the next story arc

Zero Event. A single incident in which every super powered being, good,
evil, and in-between was lost. In the wake of the tragedy, Mike Watson
is gifted with incredible powers stepping up to fill the shoes of his
idol late idol, Justice as the charismatic Hotshot Of course, there’s a lot more to being a legend than
photo ops, saving the damsel in distress and action figures. Balancing work, school, and relationships
is hard enough without having to thwart dangers to the world between
classes and movie dates. When a new darkness threatens the planet,
Hotshot is tested like never before. Is he ready to earn the name
Superhero? And what will it cost to carry the title?

This special edition is brought to you by some of the hottest talent at Freestyle Komics and Studio 4 Hire.

Til Death…#0

The Great Depression. Times are hard. Times are even harder for newlyweds Aaron and Emily, an honest couple trying to make an honest living in Chicago. Chicago, however, seems to have other plans as Aaron must resort to shady work under the up and coming mobster Mario ‘Marco Polo’ Russi, despite Emily’s protests.

Even darker engagements lie beneath the filth of the streets. The Cut-Throat of Chi-Town, a murderer known not only for taking the lives of his victims, but their blood as well, begins to make his mark on the world. Can the young couple’s love endure the strain of poverty, mobsters, and vampires?

Freestyle Komics proudly presents the 3 issue miniseries ‘Til Death brought to you by: The Scherkenbach Brothers, Alex Diochon, Lynell Jones Jr., and Cary Kelley.

Sweet Lullaby #0

Sweet Lullaby #0 another banger to be passed out for free from Freestyle Komics

The Girl Next Door May Be The Death Of You

What could possibly turn the perfect little girl into the perfect killer? As the premiere assassin for a mysterious organization known as “The Service”, Lullaby sheds lives and blood to create solutions to problems most people don't even know exist. But, what happens when the temptation of love and life beyond a rifle scope brings her to question her life’s mission of punishing the guilty?

Watch the ultimate revenge story unfold as Lullaby loses her innocence and replaces it with a gun in “Sweet Lullaby”.

Freestyle Komics proudly presents the 3 issue miniseries Sweet Lullaby brought to you by: A.J. Scherkenbach, Alex Diochon, Adrian Nelson and Heather Breckel.

Dave’s Clubhouse

1538 Brice Rd

Reynoldsburg, OH

(614) 751-5008


Can’t stop by Dave’s Clubhouse? Hit up your local store! Freestyle is representing with free comics in five states this year. Check the list below for a store near you:


Capital City Comics

1915 Baltimore-Reynoldsburg Rd.

Reynoldsburg, OH

(614) 577-0220

Packrat Comics

3872 Lattimer St.

Hillard, OH

(614) 527-8450


Laughing Ogre

4258 North High St.

Columbus, OH

(614) A-MR-OGRE


Main Street Comics and Games

Springfield, OH

(937) 324-2400



Rock Bottom Comics

1013 E. Walnut St. #101

Columbia, MO

(573) 443-0113



Comic Odyssey of San Diego

3400 E 8th St Ste 106

National City, CA 91950

(619) 479-0965


Rising Sun Creations

1620 Camino De La Reina

San Diego, CA 92108

(619) 291-5264


Southern California Comics

8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 715-8669


San Diego Comics

6937 El Cajon Boulevard

San Diego, CA 92115

(619) 698-1177


On Comic Ground

1629 University Ave

San Diego, CA 92103

(619) 683-7879



Paper Heroes

3941 Ryan Street, Suite A

Lake Charles, LA 70605



Atlas Comics

1750 Rio Hill Center

Charlottesville, Virginia

(434) 974-7512



Capital Comics of Raleigh

5212 Hollyridge Dr.

Raleigh, NC

(919) 781-9500