Saturday, December 26, 2009

Issue 4 Teaser

Little teaser for issue 4. Hope you like it a belated Christmas gift=). Will soon post inks from our new inker and colorist, be ready the new issue is definitely gonna be awesome

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Check out comicrelated's review of Hotshot!

this is our review for the hotshot comc book. Check it out. starts at minute 46


Check out awesome necessary cool's review about us!!

Columbus Crush Game Review 2

This is the 2nd home game of the Columbus crush ABA, the official sponsor of freestyle komics. When we were ready to head out for the game we went over to mike's were he had all the equipment loaded in the car and ready to go. So by the time we got there we were ready to go. so we left the house by 12 but we had a couple stops along the way of going to the basketball game. One of these stops included the stop at EVO (the print shop in which mike works). There we had to pick up some of our equipment we needed for the basketball game. Once we got all the things we needed from the print shop we were ready to go to the basketball game. When we got to the church it was around 4 (which was the time we wanted to be there) so we just started to unload things right away so we could get setting up quickly as possible. When we got everything unloaded and pretty much set up i was called back to the kitchen to work the concession stands again. So when i got back there i found out that it would only be David Moore and me. So with that we started making the food we were going to be selling and getting everything set up in place. when the food was done people were already crowding the basketball court. Within 5 minutes later the buzzer rang for the start of the game. By half time we were sold out of most things we were selling. So we didn't have much costumers toward the end of the game. So by the time the buzzer rang signaling the end of the game, we were pretty much cleaned up and ready to get out of there. So when i went back to the FSK stand all was well and everyone were getting their action photos and a lot of them pretty happy with it. So after we got everyone taking care of we started to pack up our things and loading them into the car. once we got everything loaded and put away we said our goodbyes and got in the car and left. We had a quiet ride to mike's house, but once there we settled down relaxed and had a giant sleepover.


Monday, December 21, 2009


Reviews from comicrelated and starts on minute 47 all about Vic, Me and Hotshot. review from Necessary Cool, please check this out and make comments, we are trying to make moves.

Today go to for a podcast that will be having a
discussion about Hotshot around 4 pm and go to to read a new article about Victor, me and Hotshot. Join the following people we are doing big things.

Columbus Crush ; First Home Game

Columbus Crush ; First home game; Review
This was the first home game for the Columbus Crush ABA (American basketball Association), the official sponsor of Freestyle Komics.

We got all the things we use to set up for conventions and we all got in the car by 4:00 pm. Then we were off the the Columbus crush basketball game. We were all in the car preparing ourselves for what was to come. When we completed our 20 minute drive to New Covenant Believers Church. There we met David Moore, the owner of Columbus Crush. David Moore was very nice and showed us around and were to set up. Then he took me in the kitchen were I was going to help with the concession stand. So when we got a look around the place we went back to the car and started unloading everything out of the car and into the church. We set up everything in the place that we wanted it to be and we also kept taking pictures to keep documenting our progress we were making. By the time we got everything set up we realized that we needed batteries. So Mike and I ran back home to get the camera stand and the rechargeable batteries. When we got back to the church, it almost time to start the basketball game. This is when i was called to the concession stand to start working. When the game started things began to get crazy. i was in the kitchen working. Which i had really great people working with me and because of that the experience was very fun for me. So things picked up 1st-2nd quarter. But around half time things started to slow down some. People all had their food and bellies were full so there wasnt much going on after that. So finally the buzzer rang signaling the end of the game. Thats when we cleaned up the kitchen and i went back to our stand to help finish up the work and get going. But thats not how it worked.When i got back to the stand things werent going so well. Apparently the printer wasn't working correctly so mike decided that we were going to send the pictures we took all the costumer's emails, and refunded everyone for the delay. So after we gotten everyone takin care of we started packing up the equipment and loaded it in the car. Then we said our goodbyes and started home. But we decided that it was a long day so we rewarded ourselves with white castle and burger king, for mike. then we went home, filled our bellies and we went to bed.

The Columbus Crush were victorious in a very impressive game. 134-102 making them 4-0.


Our first action photos.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Artist on Board

If anyone has been keeping up with the interviews that have been done on Freestyle Komics you would all be aware that we have been trying to secure a new inker. We have just recently added Jeriel Burtin to the crew on Hotshot. He is a Columbus College of Art and Design Alumni with a Bachelor of Fine Art focused on Time Based Media Studies. Jeriel is a fantastic artist and the inks over top of the lines of Mike Watson are proving to be a great team up.We cannot wait to see Mr. Ryan Carter's colors on the pages. Jeriel is also an exceptional character designer to boot. You can see his art at We will soon be posting the inks and more sneak peaks soon. We will also be posting reviews from our last two events at the Columbus Crush and the Special Wish foundation. Stay tuned