Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FSK and the BRUSH reunite

Mike Watson of Freestyle Komics will be at the BRUSH this Saturday. This also happens to be the opening night for the Gallery featuring Mike Watson and other members of FSK Komic Art. This gallery will be showing at Urban Spirit Cafe in Columbus Ohio.
The theme for the BRUSH this month is KOMICS so you all have got to be there

What Is BRUSH?
BRUSH is an interactive painting event that transforms everyone into an artist. Participants can grab a personal-sized canvas, acrylic paints and explore their imaginations while listening to live music. BRUSH lovers can also contribute to a large paint-by-numbers style canvas that creates different BRUSH themes. Past themes included Juneteenth, Blue Note, Comic Me, Comedy and Change among others. BRUSH members also believe in giving back and through the "Art of Giving" campaign, we collected and distributed donations during the holiday season to families in need. Now a year old, BRUSH events are located bi-monthly in the historic King-Lincoln district in Columbus, Ohio at the Urban Spirit Coffee Shop. Featured several times in The Columbus Dispatch, BRUSH is continuing to grow not only as a nightlife event, but a creative exercise that can be tailored to corporate functions, fundraisers and community events.
Who Loves BRUSH?
People who have something to say and look to express themselves in artistic ways gravitate toward BRUSH because there is nothing like it. Many of us can’t find ways to be creative with our busy schedules, and are surprised by how a little paint can go a long way to relax their mind. Many members of the community and professionals love attending BRUSH to unwind and enjoy themselves in a nightlife atmosphere in a totally unique way. Music lovers enjoy the innovative “Jazz-Hop” sound of The Liquid Crystal Project and other live bands that can inspire personal works of art. Anyone who loves to explore their creativity, will join the ranks of BRUSH lovers!
Art is everywhere. When you see a billboard on the highway, an artist created that. Spritz some perfume on your wrist for a night on the town, and an artist conceptualized the bottle. Even radio jingles were created by an artist. BRUSH wants to encourage the inner artist in all of us, by allowing us to do something we probably haven’t done since preschool: paint.
Studies show that painting can be a stress reliever, morale booster and can encourage team building. Many doctors and therapist now agree that art can relieve anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and other social and emotional difficulties. Just the act of creating something tangible heightens self-esteem and self-awareness. Happy, relaxed and confident people make for happy, relaxed and aware employees, group members and associates! The American Art Therapy Association says:
Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase awareness of self and others, cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences; enhance cognitive abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art. (
Where Can BRUSH Go?
We bring BRUSH to you! BRUSH is a pack and go operation so bring along canvases, paints, murals, live music, marketing materials, set up and tear down helpers and refreshments, all you provide is the space! Packages are for groups of 20 or less, 20 to 50 people, 50 plus people and nightlife events. BRUSH can bring creativity anywhere, including:
· Small/large conferences
· Team building employee exercises
· Unique networking events
· Luncheons & employee incentive events
· Nursing homes or hospital
· Churches
· Daycares and educational events
· Community events &more!
To book BRUSH for your next function, contact Marshall Shorts of ARTfluential for our special pricing options at
The BRUSH Experience Comic Me II
Saturday, May 1
Urban Spirit Method Gallery
803 E. Long Street
Have You Ever Wanted Be a Super Hero or Imagined Having a Super Power?
Maybe You Wanted To Be a Character in Your Own Comic Book...
Well Now Is Your Chance!!!
Come out for a night of Fun and action...
you be the artist and the hero this night!!
We will be featuring local comic book artists FreeStyle Komics!!!
Live Music + Live Art + Connecting = Not Your Ordinary Night
Meet Friends.Make Art.Love Life.
With Live Music + Special Guest Performances
Art by YOU
Before 9PM admission is $5 and receive a free Canvas to produce your own personal MASTERPIECE!
After 9PM admission is $10 with your choice of a non-alcoholic beverage or canvas
Check out photos from BRUSH!

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