Thursday, April 14, 2011

The roster for our upcoming comics

For Mike is hotshot
-Michael Kemp for lines
-Travis Hayes for lines
-Andrew Pena, colors
-Ari Wen, letters

Elite Force
-Ari Wen & Ewart, lines
- Alex Miller, lines and colors
- Luiz Uzcategui, letters
Dre Fire
-Geaorge Davila, lines
- Travis Hayes, inks
-Geaorge Davila, colors
-Andrea Rawson, letters

- Eileen Oberlin, lines and inks
- Michael Kemp, colors
-J'Lynn, letters
Who Is JFAB?
-Luis Uzcategui, lines
- Travis Hayes, inks
- Kim Jacinto, colors
- Andrea Rawson, letters

Heroes international
-Elizabeth Michaels, lines and inks
- Michael Kemp, colors
- Andrea Rawson, letters

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New website!!!

FSK will soon be having our own official web site just like our sister studio Studio 4 hire. show casing our flag ship book hot shot, vigilance and some new and upcoming comics. to learn the latist buzz and updates stop by our Facebook web site