Monday, January 19, 2015

Character Highlights

Welcome to Character Highlights. When we at Freestyle Komics focus for a bit on one of our Epic Characters meet Dre Fire...

Dre was a Dj spinning at the hottest clubs in Columbus, Ohio. Using his skills to manipulate Fire and spin records he became big in cbus night life. People started to take notice of who he was some of the wrong people. The mob knew hat Dre really wanted was to record a Hip Hop Lp, show case his skills and prove he was a true lyricist. He was swayed by the quick fix, the quick money and they got him a deal. Paid for all the promotion, studio time the image. It came at a cost, Dre did not feel the payback was fair or right. They owned Dre no, he had to find a way out. Someone they didn't own. With he Power to stand up to them. Will Dre discover the strength that has been inside him all this time?

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Power Blast- 6
Durability - 6
Speed - 4
Strength - 2
Agility - 5
Fight Skills - 7
Potential - 6

Art by the Artist Stable

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