Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spittin' to Fly Union

So I have Redesigned some ads for The Remix edition of Hotshot #1. been getting some good feedback from them. Also the Sketchbook section of Hotshot the Remix has been dubbed Side B. So when you get through reading the remix you can flip it over to Side B and enjoy the sketch work and some sneak peaks. I will have to add Phil Carter has come up with some really nice designs for Side B. Vic D is finishing up things on The Remix and they are looking good. The Remix is scheduled for the end of the month and there will be a book signing at Dave's Clubhouse  with food and drinks, will keep you posted on that. Will be at the Arena Con this weekend doing commissions, selling some art and taking all request. the Arena Con will be in the Arena Grand Movie theatre so please stop by and check out Freestyle Komics. There may be some goodies for you if you come see The Watchmen and get some art. If you want you can request commissions early here at the company email or hit me up at  so as soon as you get there your request will be done or half way there. Check out Fly Union they are a Hip Hop group in Columbus, Oh, they are great and who I am currently listening too. I will be adding loads more stuff to this blog once the books start coming out be patient the goodness is coming. I think that is it for updates thanks for stopping by.

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