Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art Experience-Back in the  world

Back into the real world today. I have come outta the FSK LAb for the first time in a long time to socialize with other artist. It was pretty awesome. I was at the Arena Con, and The Brush Experience and It was cool being surrounded in that world of art again.  Did some sketches at the con people were very interested in the books I did have available. The Brush Experience was a chance to see more art network and just get myself back in the real world get outta my art cave. I enjoyed it a lot. I will be posting pics soon of todays events. Now for some updates received the colors for Hotshot 2 and I do have say they look pretty good Ryan Carter is doing great work. I will post some sneak peaks on here eventually after the release of Hotshot Remix 1. Volume 2  of Lethal Showdown has gone into full effect and the lovely ladies are looking HOT. We are raising the ante on this Volume Ren McKinzie is designing the Monsters and I am designing the Hunters( sexy vixens) You can purchase Volume 1 of Lethal Showdown at Dave's Clubhouse. We are getting a lotta work turned in to us and things are looking good for thee Hotshot. Being getting pages down for other books I am working on as well such as Zulu #2( you can get issue 1 at Dave's Clubhouse as well.) and Foxwood Falcons #3. SO stay tuned I will be posting work on y Deviant Art page as well as this Blog.

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