Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hotshot #1 The Remix

Yes it is coming and it looks great courtesy of Evolution Printing, here is some info to catch up on in regards to FSK. First off the Remix issue which is a relaunch of the Hotshot Series. We added some nice extras for you all to spice it up. First off the book features A brand new cover penciled/inked by Mike Watson with colors by Ren Mckinzie. The book is 36 pages while the comic pages are done in grey scales with just the pencils being the feature, the rest of the book is in color.There will be a pull out poster of what was meant to be the original cover to Hotshot. A blast from the past as we call it. The book also will have what we call The B Sides a section that is full of art work from concept designs to final pencils. There will be all types of cool extras for you all to enjoy the book goes on Sale at the end of March.

There will be a book signing at Dave's Club House on April 1 2009 and you should all come out and show your support get your copy of the book signed by the creator, artist and writer. There will be food, drinks. It will be a good time. You can also get commissions or sketches done at the event.

Premièring at the book Signing will be exclusive versus packs from Mutant Cactus of Hotshot versus Void. They look cool

The release schedule for the Hotshot goes as such....March- Hotshot Remix 1; May- Hotshot 2; July-Hotshot 3; August- Hotshot 0; September- Hotshot 4; November- Hotshot 5; January- Hotshot 6. As you can see the book will be out every other month. You will soon be able to order copies and get subscriptions through the paypal. That information will be posted shortly. If you need to you can pay for issues through money order contact FSK at

I think that's all we have right now f we need to add more we will thanks and come out April 1 2009=)

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  1. Good job, Chocolate Bear! I'm proud of ya!

    See ya, April 1st!