Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If you did not make it to the Main Street Komics and Games book signing due to Magneto and the evil mutants holding you hostage that is ok here is what we announced and showed everyone. ANd next time that happens call us we will send Hotshot, and Vigilance to get you=)

So we are releasing a brand new Komic at S.P.A.C.E 2010. It is called Emerald Quest. It was originally crafted by Me and has been a book that I have wanted to get off the ground for a while. The writer is Ethan Murry and the Artist on the book will Be David Brame. here is a look into the character designs that I started and then David did the final look at the characters.

Nikkie Forte is working hard on the 4 issue mini series Vigilance. Here is her first run and it is HOT!

e also will have our first cross over event with Ravenhouse Comics. L.Hammer and Hotshot will be teaming up for a two part smack down. We are VERY excited about this and cannot wait for it to happen. Will be posting the new pin up with these two characters soon

We have also launched a new Internship program for kids at Freestyle Komics. The FSK Squad has been working very diligently on our new pages on some of your favorite networking/friend sites. You can now become a fan on face book which you should. Victoria Suitor is over the fan page at FSK. Olivia Suitor handles our Myspae page, Flikr and Deviant Art page.Chris Suitor handles our deviant art page for Freestyle Komics. www.freestylekomics.deviantart.com Finally Madison Suitor handles our email accounts fskteam@yahoo.com & fsksquad@gmail.com. So if you recieve emails from them it is the new hotness that is goings down at FSK. they will also be helping with the book signing and komic book conventions. They are going to learn about Komics, how to make them, drawing, using these net working sites as true networking devices, and staying off the streets.

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