Sunday, November 22, 2009

FSK SQUAD REVIEW from Springfield

November 14th was the first book signing outside of Columbus, Ohio for Freestyle Komics. This was the 1st mission for the FSK team. We met up in the morning and had the 1st team breakfast ever with Mike Watson the artist and creator of Hotshot. Then after breakfast we started our hour long trip to Springfield,Oh.
When we arrived too our destination, which was Main street Comics and Games, even though the komic store was closed, we had enough time to hand out flyers for the signing. We put flyers in the windshields of cars,we put flyers in the pop machines and news stands. Also while we were handing out flyers we met a "biker" gang( 4 kids on BMX's). Once we were done passing out flyers we went back to see if anyone was there at the comic store.
There was someone there when we went back.It was Bill Gladman, the owner of Main Street comics and Games. When we meet Bill he was very nice and helpful. He showed us where to start setting up and then thats what we did. The comic shop is kind of small but the layout works. There is a whole half wall with some of their comic displays and then boxes of comics on the sides. Then there was a whole back section that has all their Xbox games and all of that fun stuff. There also was and Xbox that people can come in play for a while. Then there are two booths you can sit at and read your comics or whatever. So Bill told us o set up in the back toward the TV. We set up our table with our book display case. We also had a Hotshot preview showing on the laptop. We had Chris working the xbox and madison the sign to attract people to the store. Victoria was working the computer with all the inventory and shows. We had some costumers come in and look at our stuff, and sold alot of it. We also had some friends come down and show us their support. We also meet some other komic book writers and it was a very fun experience. We decided that it would be a good time to go get some food. So we got our food and brought it back just in time for the interview with Frank Raynor.

The interview with Frank was an amazing experience for the FSK group. Frank interviewed Victor Dandridge and Mike Watson, partners in Freestyle Komics. The two of them announed when issue 4 of hotshot will be coming out which will be released in january 2010. Also they announced the on coming of Nikki Forte as the artist of the mini series Vigilance. Raven House comics will be doing a two part crossover with Hotshot and L.Hammer. Eathan Murry and David Brame were announced as the Writer/Artist of Emerald Quest. Also announced the development of the FSK Squad composed of Victoria, Madison, Chris, and Olivia Suitor. The FSK Squad is responsible for the Face Book, Myspace, Deviantart, and email accounts for Freestyle Komics
After we had our awesome interview there was a sketch battle. First round was Mike vs. Victor, though Victor did well it wasn't good enough against Mike. Then Victor vs. Jacob, from the studio Akumkaze. Jacob won. Then round three was Mike vs. Jacob. It was a good round but Mike didn't beat Jacob. The winner of the sketch battles was indeed Jacob from Studio Akumkaze. It was a very competitive battle but also fun and comical. By then things were settling down and we decided that we would call it a day.
So we packed and loaded up our things into the car. Then we said our goodbyes. Then we got in the car to hit the road. Though we were ready to go home we wanted to do one last thing before we left Springfield. So we stopped at McDonalds, got our McFlurry's and then headed home.
So in conclusion, Springfield was a very exciting experience for the FSK team. It was a good chance to expand our connections and to meet more interesting people. We also got interviewed which was awesome. It was a great experience and we hope to do it again soon. We appreciate everyone who came out to see us and show their support for the FSK group. We also give special thanks to MAin Street Comics and Games

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