Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Monday Character Highlights

Late edition of Monday's #FSKCharacterHighlights. Meet Maxx, a villain of the beautiful JFab. Grief stricken by the constant rejection of JFab back in their teen years, Maxx went on a rampage. After graduation, Maxx skipped his chances with college football and grew obsessive with JFab. With his ego diminishing, and his rage intensifying Maxx ran with the wrong crowd. Juicing up to get stronger, backed with his own team of thugs, hired guns, and other mischievous criminals dubbing themselves "The Deadshot Gang". Maxx and this unruly band of criminals constantly causing trouble for JFab. He won't stop until the day he defeats JFab and regains his lost ego. #JealousMuch#MaxxBringThePain #TheDeadShotGang #JockNRoll

Power Blast- 0
Durability- 8
Speed- 6
Strength- 8
Agility- 7
Fight Skills- 6
Potential- 5
Intelligence- 4

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