Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Jayonna "JFAB" FAbro

Birthday Shout out to the wonderful Jayonna Fabro also known to us at Freestyle Komics as the heroic JFAB. Take the day off and enjoy. The rest of the FSKomics heroes have you covered.

Meet JFAB a solo hero working in Columbus, Ohio. A full time Model, hostess, and media personality. Looking for a rush and to liven up her Life from the mundane routine she jumps into action. Granted special abilities from a fallen meteorite. Jayonna Fabro becomes the mighty JFAB. Enhanced Speed, agility, and strength she uses these powers for thrills more so as than for good. She will find that the greater good may be more important.

Power Blast- 0
Durability - 7
Speed - 4
Strength - 7
Agility - 5
Fight Skills - 5
Potential -9

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