Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hotshot #1 page 6

Its Komic Wednesday everybody get yo fix on with the next page from the smash hit Hotshot
The argument gets heated as Carla reveals that she knows Mike has been cheating on her. Well any woman would have the right to feel that way. Mike can't say a thing because he knows when he is out all night getting cracked ribs stopping robberies or just saving the lives and city on a weekly basis he would love to be home with Carla. He not cheating, he's a friggin' Super hero. I have not seen a lot of komics take it from this perspective which is why Victor and I wanted to push this. We want to show the real world is just as crucial as the heroics. No female is going to think her boyfriend is being honest about another woman when he stands her up and is full of excuses. We take a closer look at this with Hotshot issue #0. So stay tuned

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