Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Comics For Freestyle Komics

Well while it may seems that Freestyle Komics has been dormant we have not. We have been busy at work on several new titles and the completion of old one that we will start releasing in March of 2011.

We will be at Chicago C2E2, this is our first time at the convention. We will be there with Studio 4 Hire, and Red Handed Studios.

Get your first look at the Hotshot and Dynagirl Crossover
Hotshot 5 will be in the building along with Emerald Quest #1

Freestyle Komics is proud to announce that we will not be carrying Til' Death and Sweet Lullaby. these books are being produced by our sister studio Studio 4 Hire and Sweet Lullaby was Created by Alex Sherkenback and Til Death was created by the Sherkenback Brothers. We are so happy to be joining forces on these two titles because they are trully wonderful books. Also coming out to will be Elite Force

We will be finishing off the Vigilance Season 1 and bringing Vigilance Season 2. Also premiering Heroes International, Mike is Hotshot, EHD: Black Opts.

The ongoing adventures of Hotshot will continue with our new writer J'Lynn who takes over with issue 7 where she joins forces with Cary Kelly.

Want to know what the Zero Event is find out in issue 8 of Hotshot.

So we are going big and here are some pics of our two newest titles

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