Monday, February 1, 2010

Catching up

So we have been super busy at FSK. Working on multiple titles, working with new artist, just doing a lot. We wanted to touch base with the readers of our Komic Line to just catch up and update.
First off issue 4 of Hotshot has been pushed back till Feb 2010. It looks amazing and will be great when totally done but honestly it just has taken us longer than expected. With Jeriel Burton coming on board to join Victor, Michael, and Ryan, he has filled the Void of the missing inker that was very much needed. We also have Brian Latimer(thanks for the assist) doing a few pages in this issue as a fill in inker and Matt Keltner with a page of inks in this issue as well. We wish Matt the best in his new komic endeavors and thank you so much for the awesome work he brought to Hotshot. So expect Hotshot 4 to be out at the end of the month.

Mr Burton has been working so hard we caught him taking a nap after pulling an all nighter.=). Mike, Vic, Ryan and Jeriel will be taking over full duties on the 34 page conclusion to a Heroes Welcome in issue 5 of Hotshot. Due out in April in time for the S.P.A.C.E convention in Columbus, Ohio.

We still have David Brame,Ethan Murphy, and Phil Carter on Emerald Quest #1 due out in April as well.

Victor Dandridge and Nikki Forte are working on something special for Vigilance.

We will soon release our convention schedule and all the stores carrying the FSK books.
So here are some pic form Vic D and MWATTS free-styling in the basement of FSK studios.The vidoe will be uploaded very shortly

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