Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Columbus Crush Game Review 2

This is the 2nd home game of the Columbus crush ABA, the official sponsor of freestyle komics. When we were ready to head out for the game we went over to mike's were he had all the equipment loaded in the car and ready to go. So by the time we got there we were ready to go. so we left the house by 12 but we had a couple stops along the way of going to the basketball game. One of these stops included the stop at EVO (the print shop in which mike works). There we had to pick up some of our equipment we needed for the basketball game. Once we got all the things we needed from the print shop we were ready to go to the basketball game. When we got to the church it was around 4 (which was the time we wanted to be there) so we just started to unload things right away so we could get setting up quickly as possible. When we got everything unloaded and pretty much set up i was called back to the kitchen to work the concession stands again. So when i got back there i found out that it would only be David Moore and me. So with that we started making the food we were going to be selling and getting everything set up in place. when the food was done people were already crowding the basketball court. Within 5 minutes later the buzzer rang for the start of the game. By half time we were sold out of most things we were selling. So we didn't have much costumers toward the end of the game. So by the time the buzzer rang signaling the end of the game, we were pretty much cleaned up and ready to get out of there. So when i went back to the FSK stand all was well and everyone were getting their action photos and a lot of them pretty happy with it. So after we got everyone taking care of we started to pack up our things and loading them into the car. once we got everything loaded and put away we said our goodbyes and got in the car and left. We had a quiet ride to mike's house, but once there we settled down relaxed and had a giant sleepover.


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