Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mid Ohio Con Wrap Up

Welcome to the Mid Ohio Con wrap up
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MOC was great show for FSK. This was our first appearance and we had a very strong showing. We met so many new people that were just wonderful to be with. Saw our comic brethren as well and it was good to see all of them again. We sold a lot of Hotshot books, and a crap load of Prints. We had several contest and giveaways at the conventions. SKETCH BATTLES were a huge success at the convention!We also premiered an updated Hotshot button and the 1st costume button thanks to Mutant Cactus.

Here are pics from the epic sketch battles that started to bring FSK attention at the con

We did a few contest as well, a Scavenger hunt and a Independent Publisher starter pack. The Scavenger hunt you had to find several key people and items located in the convention to win. If you did that you would win a Hotshot music CD, Chipotle with free guacamole, 24 x 36 poster of The Ninja Turtles, Hotshot Issues 0,1,2,3, A carrier bag from EVO, Tales of Awesome #1, Free Blackest Night Buttons, Free Hotshot Buttons, No Gods #1, A custom print from Blades Illustrations, A 10 dollar Gift Certificate from Dave's Clubhouse, 2 free passes to the BRUSH experience, 4 Season pass tickets to the ABA Basketball team The Columbus Crush. Here are pics of our winners from Saturday and Sunday

In our raffle ticket contest for Independent publishers our sponsors were Freestyle Komics, Evo, Evolution Printing, and Soulo Theory. FSK provided a free variant cover for any 1 issue of the winners book. Evo and Evolution printing together provided- 200 free business cards, 10 full color copies of the winners book, 20 11 by 17 prints, and 1 24 by 36 in full color poster. All of these printed items would feature the winners characters and art work. Soulo Theaory provided a free redesign or Logo design with a newly designed Title font for the book of the winner. Here are the winners.
Derek Stewart of Art and Design Apparel, and Bruce Gerlach of Tattoed-Sky

It was great to see all our friends from Comic Related, Mutant Cactus, Ren McKinzie of Blades Illustrations who dominated our Sketch Battles,Dustin of No Gods, Studio Akumakaze, Ringtail Cafe productions. Then we met new awesome people like Justin Castaneda from "When I was Little", Jacob Newell participated in a many Sketch battles, Steve Scott, Nikki Forte she is a mean Silke Spectre, and Julia Wright draws wicked cool Harry Potter characters.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors and the crew that worked the tables and floor for us Phil, Staffon,Deborah and Dez for all their help this weekend.

More Pics to come soon....

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