Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hotshot Issue 0 Preview

Hotshot#0 was viewed by the public at Champion City Hero Con and it was received well. We are going to let you get a 5 page sneak peek at the 24 page issue. There are two stories being featured in this issue. Story by Mike Watson and Victor Dandridge. Lines by Mike Watson, Ren Mckinzie and Joe Buco. Inks by Matt Keltner and Marc Vuletich, Colors all by the Marvelous Ryan Carter. There will be a exclusive Black and White cover for Mid Ohio Con in October. The only place to get it will be there. So again as always let us know what you think and what we can do to improve. OH YEA CHAMPION CITY HERO CON WAS MARVELOUSLY AMAZING you all need to sign up now for next year. Thank you Comic Related for all the kind words, insight and coverage as always your awesome. Raichal Gladman YOU ROCK, cannot wait to see the review up and posted.

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Hotshot 0

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