Sunday, April 19, 2009


This was by far the funnest comic book convention I have been too in my con career. First off FSK did phenomenal at the convention. We sold many copies of Hotshot the Remix #1 and got a lot of good Buzz from our sneak peak at Issue 2. We met a lot of great artist adn just had a plain ole good time.
We were at the con with many of our fellow partners int he comic world such as Wiz World inc, Mutant Cactus, Arena Con, Evo, Go Frank Go, Blade Illustrations, Mike Harris, Phonz, and Mason Easley. We did an excellent job this year I would have to say no one will forget our brands. We worked well together and feeding offa each others vibes and helping promote one another. We did such things a free sketches, scavenger hunts, slashing prices, drawings for free color prints and just plain old drawing attention to ourselves.
FSK was interviewed by Art Explorer Post, Underground Video Network, and Comic Related. Rachel from Comic Related did an interview and got a chance to read Hotshot up to the 3rd installment and her words were "HOTSHOT ROCKS!" So there will be reviews posted on Comic Related's website.You can check a small article on their site now. These were the first reviews and interviews ever done at conventions we got so much love from SPACE adn we sure will be returning next year.
Artist we were feeling at the SPACE convention were Nate Powell, Tim Fischer, Shawn Amberger, Mason Easley, Lora Innes and Downs a book with several artist and writer Tony Goins. You need to check these people out.Premiers a the con was the 8 page color preview of Hotshot 2, the exclusive sketch T shirt, and all of the covers for issues 1-5 of Hotshot. The trailer from hotshot the comic will soon be on the blog

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